Tuesday 10 January 2023

New "Moog" modules for 2023

Three new modules for 2023, see the "Moog eurorack modules" page for more details:

951 and 952 Keyboard Inferface modules.

These modules provide functionality that is present in Moog modular keyboards, and are primarily intended to provide easy performance adjustment of 901A/B oscillators. They can also be used with standard Behringer System 55 VCO modules.

Each module features:
-  “Scale” control: CV multiplier, from 0.94 to 1.06
-  “Range” control: adds or subtracts an offset to the CV ±150mV (approx 2 semitones)
-  Switchable exponential or LCR (“linear constant rate”) glide.

The 951 is an 8HP single channel module. The 952 is dual channel module, also in 8HP.




1125 Sample-Hold Controller

The Fitzgreyve 1125 is a 16HP Eurorack implementation of the Moog 1125 “Sample-Hold Controller “ accessory.

The original Moog design has been used, but with the following additions:

-          START and STOP input jacks, voltage triggered (V-TRIG).

-          External Sample-Hold input jack, bypassing internal voltage sources.

The panel layout is intended to capture some of the “look and feel” of the original, in a Eurorack format.

 1125 Video:


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