Monday 23 January 2023

International Shipping

 UK Royal Mail is suffering the effects of a "cyber incident" that has affected all international shipping.

 I won't be able to ship any international orders until this is resolved.

Tuesday 10 January 2023

New "Moog" modules for 2023

Three new modules for 2023, see the "Moog eurorack modules" page for more details:

951 and 952 Keyboard Inferface modules.

These modules provide functionality that is present in Moog modular keyboards, and are primarily intended to provide easy performance adjustment of 901A/B oscillators. They can also be used with standard Behringer System 55 VCO modules.

Each module features:
-  “Scale” control: CV multiplier, from 0.94 to 1.06
-  “Range” control: adds or subtracts an offset to the CV ±150mV (approx 2 semitones)
-  Switchable exponential or LCR (“linear constant rate”) glide.

The 951 is an 8HP single channel module. The 952 is dual channel module, also in 8HP.




1125 Sample-Hold Controller

The Fitzgreyve 1125 is a 16HP Eurorack implementation of the Moog 1125 “Sample-Hold Controller “ accessory.

The original Moog design has been used, but with the following additions:

-          START and STOP input jacks, voltage triggered (V-TRIG).

-          External Sample-Hold input jack, bypassing internal voltage sources.

The panel layout is intended to capture some of the “look and feel” of the original, in a Eurorack format.

 1125 Video: