Wednesday 23 November 2022

Not "Black Friday" Sale

 The "not black Friday" Sale.

I'm clearing out some of my older projects, so it's "buy the panel, get the PCB for FREE":

Until further notice, all of the panels below now come with a matching FREE PCB:


100m-ish Modules:

  • 100m-ish VCO Driver  GBP 14.00 (3 in stock)
  • 100m-ish Audio Delay GBP 15.00 (9 in stock)
  • 100m-ish Ring Mod GBP 12.00 (1 in stock)
  • 100m-ish Signal switch Aluminium panel GBP 16.00 (7 in stock)
  • 100m-ish fixed HPF Aluminium panel GBP 12.00 (7 in stock) slide switches included
  • 100m-ish fixed HPF Black FR4 panel GBP 6.00 (8 in stock)  slide switches NOT included (see below)


Other Modules:

  • dAhDShR enhanced ADSR GBP 16.00 (7 in stock)
  • Transient/ dAhDShR Expander Black Aluminium Panel GBP 10.00 (8 in stock)


Useful accessories:

  • Slide switches for 100m-ish HPF GBP 2.00 for 2
  • Programmed PIC chip for dAhDShR GBP 6.00


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