Fitzgreyve Utility PCBs

Utility PCBs for Eurorack use (PCBs only, components are not included!):
  • Eurorack power connector 10 to 16 pin Adaptor 

    • Allows breakout of the Doepfer bus (CV and Gate) connections in a module that only has a 10-pin Eurorack power connector. Can be build left or right handed to suit most modules, will accept a thru-hole or SMT 10-way socket.
    • Build guide         N/A
    • PCB                   GBP  4.00 for 10 (in stock)

  • Octave switch

    • Allows replacement of  coarse frequency control potentiometers on VCOs with a 6 way octave switch. Originally design for the FC System-X VCO, but with minor modification can be used with other similar VCOs, or use it as a stand alone control voltage generator.
    • Build Guide        PDF
    • PCB                   GBP 1.00 each (in stock)
    • Offer: buy 8, get 2 more free

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