Fitzgreyve 100m-ish Eurorack Modules

Modules based on the Roland 100m modular synthesizer, designed to complement 100m based modules from other suppliers. All Fitzgreyve supplied panels are 2mm aluminium (black text on silver) unless stated otherwise:

  • 100m-ish Audio Delay

  • This 8HP Eurorack module emulates the Audio Delay function of the Roland-100m M-172 module.

    The circuit has been modified to operate with Eurorack power supplies and signal levels, and to address other issues with the original circuit.

    As the MN3004 BBD chip used in the original circuit is now rare, the PCB is designed to accommodate either an MN3004, or the much easier to obtain MN3007. It has also been tested and works with MN3207.

    The PCB in theory also supports various other MN30XX and MN32xx series BBD chips though not all of these options have been tested so far.

    The original specs for the Roland module are:

    -          Delay 0-7mS

    -          30Hz – 20 KHz

    -          S/N 60dB

    -          Input: 10V 50K

    -          Output: 1K

    -          External CV: 10V max 50K

  • The module includes the original LFO circuit, where the output amplitude decreases with increased LFO rate:
    -          LFO range 0.04 Hz to 10Hz
    -          Amplitude:
    o   10v p-p at 0.04Hz
    o   400mV p-p at 10Hz
  • Build manual:    PDF
  • PCB:                 GBP 10.00   (in stock) ** PCB FREE if you buy a panel **
  • 8HP :                GBP  15.00  (in stock)

  • 100m-ish LFO

    • This LFO is intended to replicate the user interface and most of the behaviours of the
      Roland 100m LFO (as found in the M-140 and M150 modules).However, the internal circuitry is totally different to the Roland – it’s PIC based, using code derived from the Electric Druid VCLFO9D (used with permission).
    • The module also has a "hidden"  sample and hold waveform option.
    • Build manual:    PDF
    • PIC code           Link
    •  PCB:                 GBP 10.00   (9 in stock)
    • 8HP panel       GBP 20.00 (made to order)
      • panel options:
      • Black text on silver (as pictured)
      • Silver text on black background
    • Pre Programmed and tested PIC chip   GBP 6.00 (in stock)

  • 100m-ish Mixer

    • This is designed to replicate the user interface and most of the behaviours of the Roland 100m Mixer module, M-131.
    • Build manual:    PDF
    • PCB:                  GBP 16.00 (none in stock - please ask)
    • Panel               GBP 22.00 (3 stock)

    • 100m-ish VCO Driver

      • The VCO driver allows modulation, glide and octave switching to be easily applied to multiple VCOs. It is heavily based on the circuits from the Roland system 100m 180 and 181 keyboard controllers.
      • Build manual:    PDF
      • PCB                  GBP 8.00 (2 in stock) *PCB FREE if you buy a panel *
      • 8HP Panel      GBP 15.00 (2 in stock)

          • 100m-ish High pass filter (HPF)

            • Frequency Central makes an excellent version of the Roland System 100m M-121 VCF, but it does not include the switched HPF that was in the original Roland module.
              This simple module is designed to replicate the fixed 6dB/octave high pass filter from the Roland 100m M-121 VCF module. 
              Ideal as a first Eurorack DIY project!
            • Build manual:         PDF
            • PCB                       GBP  7.00 (7 in stock) - the price includes 2 slide switches.   ** PCB and switches FREE if you buy an Aluminium panel **
            • 4HP FR4 Panel             GBP  6.00 (8 in stock) 
              4HP Aluminium Panel   GBP 12.00 (1 in stock)
              Spare slide switches GBP 2.00 for 2

          •  100m-ish Ring Modulator

            • This module is designed to replicate the Ring Modulator from the Roland 100m M-150 module.
              An additional “Mix” output has been added which allows mixing of the two inputs (X and Y) with the ring modulated signal.
            • Build manual:    PDF
            • PCB                  GBP 8.00 (out of stock, please ask)
            • 4HP Panel        GBP 12.00 (1 in stock)

          • 100m-ish Signal Gate

            • This module is designed to replicate the Roland 100m Signal Gate module, M-173. The module comprises four analogue switches, each having a positive and negative control input. The circuit keeps the original Roland circuitry for processing the control signals, but uses a DG412 analogue switch IC for the signal switching, replacing and simplifying the discrete circuitry in the original Roland unit. The module includes two multiples. FR4 (White on black PCB) and 2mm aluminium panels are now available.
            • Build manual    PDF
            • PCB                           GBP 7.50 (7 in stock) ** PCB FREE if you buy an aluminium  panel **

            • FR4 Black Panel        GBP 7.50 (7 in stock)
              Aluminium Panel        GBP 16.00 (7 in stock)

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