MIDI Modules


General MIDI

This module is a compact 6HP host for a General MDI sound module using the standard PC "Waveblaster" connector.

The module is specifically designed to use the “DreamBlaster Synth S2 General MIDI Daughterboard” from Serdaco BVBA. While this daughterboard is relatively costly, it provides access to a ready soldered and tested SAM2695 IC* in a very small outline PCB that will fit behind a 6HP Eurorack module.

This Fitzgreyve Eurorack module provides a host for the Waveblaster PCB, and features:
· MIDI input TRS jack (“TRS-B”)
· MIDI Thru TRS jack (“TRS-B”)
· MIDI activity LED
· Left and right stereo outputs
· Volume control, to match audio output with varying programme content to Eurorack levels.
· Mainly through-hole construction (four capacitors and optional components are surface mount) .

*  The SAM2695 IC produced by Dream SAS France is a single chip General MIDI implementation. The SAM2695 includes:
· MIDI control processor
· General MIDI wavetable implementation
· MIDI compatible Reverb, Chorus, Spatial effects, 4 band equaliser
· 64 voice (38 voice with effects) 

· Stereo DAC DR: 86dB typ THD+N:-75dB typ

The SAM2695 is a 48 pin chip in a 6mmx6mm QFN package with 0.4mm pin spacing – fairly difficulty to solder by hand - hence the approach of using a ready made "waveblaster" module.

The panel is white on black 1.6mm thick FR4 (PCB material).

A DIY waveblaster compatible PCB for the SAM2695 is under development.

General MIDI Build document (PDF) 

General MIDI PCB  GBP 6.00 (8 in stock)

General MIDI 6HP panel (FR4) GBP 8.00 (8 in stock)


MIDI I/O Breakout Panel

This is a simple FR4 panel for mounting MIDI breakout connections. It can host 2 x 5 pin DIN sockets (Deltron model 65x-500), and two 3.5mm stereo jack sockets for TRS MIDI connections. Blanking plugs are provided for unused holes.

Possible uses:

-          MIDI input on 5 pin DIN

-          MIDI output on 5 pin DIN

-          MIDI input on TRS jack (TRS-A or  TRS-B)

-          MIDI output on TRS jack (TRS-A or  TRS-B)

-          MIDI input on 5 pin DIN AND on TRS jack (TRS-A or  TRS-B)

   * Only one connector (DIN OR TRS) can be used at a time

-          MIDI output on 5 pin DIN AND on TRS jack (TRS-A or  TRS-B)

   * Only one connector (DIN OR TRS) can be used at a time

-          MIDI TRS-A to TRS-B converter (gender changer)

-          Combinations of the above


The panel comes with one 16mm hole blanking plug, and  two 6mm hole blanking plugs.

MIDI I/O Manual 

Price GBP 6.00 (16 in stock)


Under development:

 CV-to-MIDI converter.


An Arduino (Nano or Every) based CV-to-MIDI (not "MIDI to CV"!) converter with open source software. 

Also usable as a general development platform for Arduino within Eurorack.

Can host a MIDI GM synthesizer module via a standard 26 pin "Waveblaster" connector. 

Universal MIDI input (works with both TRS-A or TRS-B)


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