Tuesday 5 July 2022

Eurorack "Moog" Modular

Having started with "Moog" modules in eurorack just over a year ago, my planned two cases are now complete:

I orginally planned this as a Moog IIIC lookalike. I made the decision that the lower ("console") row would be normal eurorack height, not the reduced module height used in the original (5U high) Moog modular.

Key to modules: (B) Behringer, (F) Fitzgreyve, (A) AMSynths:

Top cabinet:
(B) 914, (F) 992, (B) 904A, (F) 904C, (B) 904B, (B) 904A with AMSynths daughter board, (B) 994, 2 x (F) 911+, 3 x (B) 902, (A) 993, (B) 911, (B) 911A, 2 x (B) 911.

Bottom cabinet, upper row:
(F) 901ABBB, (F) 901ABBC, (F) 901, (B) 921, (B) 995, (B) 960, (B) 962, 2HP Tune

Bottom cabinet, lower row:
2 x (F) CP3, (F) CP3A, (B) 923, (B) 961, (A) 924 mixer PCB with (F) panel.

The cases are recycled vintage mahogany. I've already got more modules than case space, so another case is being build. Not fitted, lying on top: (F) 991, spare (F) 901B, another (B) 921.