Sunday 3 July 2022

911+ Envelope Generator


The Behringer 911 Envelope generator is excellent value for money, but suffers from difficulty getting values at the extremes of control travel due to the use of budget potentiometers. This is particularly a problem at the low end of the T1,T2, T3 controls which leads to difficulty in setting short envelope times. The panel control values also do not generally match the actual envelope times.

This module is designed to address the above issues, add some additional functionality (looping modes, linear envelopes, "Punch", Time and Level modulation), while maintaining the Behringer System 55 “look and feel”.

The Fitzgreyve 911+ uses nothing resembling the original Moog circuit, being based on a PIC microcontroller. Single PCB, all through-hole components.




ADR envelope in LFO mode.


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