Tuesday 12 April 2022

904C Filter Coupler

 Now available, my latest "Moog" eurorack module: the 904C filter coupler.   

This module needs to be used with a standard Behringer 904A low-pass filter and a 904B high-pass filter, and gives band-reject and band-pass modes.

8HP, single PCB design with easily obtainable through-hole parts.

The Moog module used a 3-pole 9-way switch, which is expensive and not suited to the smaller Eurorack format. My design subsitutes an electronic switch for some of the switching, other parts of the circuit are as the Moog original.

Some soldering is required to the Behringer filter modules to provide the input, output and CV connections to the 904C:

  • Inter-connections to the 904A and 904B can be made easier using Fitzgreyve “Universal Daughter” PCBs.

  • No soldering is required to, or near to, any surface mounted (SMT) components on the Behringer modules.

  • Full instructions are provided in the build document. 


    See the "Moog eurorack modules" page for details.  
    Demo video coming soon.


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