Wednesday 18 August 2021

 I recently purchased a Behringer 914 (Moog modular in Eurorack format) Fixed Filter Bank module, for a price so low that I couldn't build it for the price. I subsequently bought the Behringer 960  Sequential Controller, a 921 VCO, a 904A low pass filter, and I'm waiting for a 902 VCA to be delivered.

I just completed assembly of the (excellent!) AMSynths AM984 Four Channel Mixer PCB, this is now waiting for a panel.

Note that, as designed, the Mixer draws approx. 60mA per power rail (Rob of AMSynths has confirmed this) and hence the 79L06 regulator runs "warm" - use of a TO92 clip-on heatsink is recommended.

I'm planning on developing the following DIY modules to match the Behringer "Moog" series:

  • 995 Attenutators (panel only) - the Behringer module is overpriced IMO.
  • 994 Mults - ditto
  • 993 Filters, I have a small stock of vintage "tropical fish" capacitors. This will be DIY (PCB, panel) only, as AMSynths already sells an assembled version of this module.
  • 992 control voltages - as the Behringer module, but without the front panel jacks for "behind the scenes" CV buses.
  • 901B Oscillator and 901A Oscillator Driver. This is the original Moog modular VCO, which has a number of "quirks". It needs rare parts - I already have my personal stock of CA3019's waiting.


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  2. Many thanks for the feedback, the AM984 now uses the larger TO-220 7906 which has a built in heat sink, to ensure nothing gets too hot :-).