Monday 30 November 2020

Pre-Brexit Sale

Offer extended to 9th December 2020 !!

Depending on whether the UK gets a Brexit deal with the EU, goods shipped from the UK to the EU may be subject to additional customs duty or taxes after 1st January 2021.

So, I’m having a clear out of old Eurorack projects. These are all PCB and 2mm aluminium panel sets:

100m-ish Series:
100m-ish VCO Driver PCB and 8hp panel (was GBP 22) now GBP 16 (1 set available)
100m-ish Mixer PCB and 18hp panel (was GBP 34) now GBP 25 (1 set available)
100m-ish Ring Mod PCB and 4hp panel (was GBP 20) now GBP 15 (2 sets available)
100m-ish Signal Gate and 8 hp panel (was GBP 23.50) now GBP 16 (7 sets available)
100m-ish Audio Delay PCB and 8hp panel (was GBP 25) now GBP 20 (10 sets available)
100m-ish fixed HPF PCB, 4hp panel, with switches (was GBP 18) now GBP 14 (5 sets available)

Transient PCB, 8hp panel, PIC chip (was GBP 26) now GBP 20 (2 sets available) SOLD
dAhDShR PCB, 8hp panel, PIC chip (was GBP 26) now GBP 18 (14 sets available)

Proxima (distance sensor) PCB and 6hp black FR4 panel (was GBP 10) now GBP 8 (1 set available)

See the "100m-ish" and "eurorack" pages for more details for details of the above projects.

Please email ( if interested or if any questions on the above items. I will confirm if items are still available and then send you a paypal invoice.

This offer is valid to 9th December 2020 only. Shipping on all sale items is at cost (including UK)

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