Thursday 21 March 2019

100m-ish Audio Delay panels are now in stock

I've just received a batch of lovely panels from Ben at ReSynthesis:

- This module is tested and works fine with the orinal MN3004 BBD IC (if you can find one!) or an MN3007 BBD IC.
- It's also tested and works fine with an MN3207.
- The current PCB batch needs a small mod to work with any MN32xx series BBD - I can make this mod for you if you request it when ordering.

I'm currently testing with a Coolaudio V3205D BBD IC (they are really cheap for a 4096 stage BBD). If anyone is contemplating trying to build the module using one of these, or an MN3005/MN3205 (4096 stage BBD) or MN3008/MN3208 (2048 stage BBD),  email me and I'll let you know how things are going.

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